Exceptional Results Require Extraordinary Effort


We are an organization without limits that collaborates at a deeply personal level to envision, design, and build the extraordinary anywhere… 
and one day everywhere.

The Values That Guide Us in Our Vision

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Our Team

Organizational Chart Soldiers

Two Leaders

Highland Ventures

Marc and Jason

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Three Founders

Highland Ventures Three Founders

Jason, Mike, and Marc

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One Team

Highland Ventures Our Team

Together, with you, we…

Build with Purpose

Registered MD and PA Home Builder Companies in good standing.
MD licensed Home Improvement Contractor
MHIC # Highland Ventures Contracting: 153677

MHIC #: Jason Doerr 105451,
MHIC #: Marc Malloy 152976

Our Leadership loves the following statement by Coach John Harbaugh, who articulates everything we stand for as an organization and how we move.

“The only job you start at the top is digging a hole, so we know we’ve got to earn our way.
Be better today than yesterday.
Be better tomorrow than today.
My priorities are faith, family, and football [company], and we are going to attack each with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.
This organization is putting in the work – investing capital, building infrastructure, and doing everything within its power to win.

Great effort equals great results, and we’re just getting started.

Our Partners

84 Lumber
JDM Structures
superior walls
advanced concrete
OC Cluss
G-W Lumber
advanced concrete
garrett county